Audio Visual (Tonstudio)

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You could almost say that this small group of staff run our very own television station! With our BIG screen (a massive 38m2, two-storey television) and remote cameras these guys make sure our visitors enjoy every moment of our Animal Planet Crocoseum’s wildlife action. The AV Team is responsible for ensuring that each day's shows, both pre-recorded and live in the Crocoseum, run as scheduled. In addition, much of their time is spent filming around the Zoo, at the Australian Wildlife Hospital and on animal rescues. This dynamic team produces all kinds of exhilarating video clips to be played on the big screen, and for use in other areas of the Zoo. Alongside this, they create promotional material for our marketing department, training videos for our staff, as well as an ever-increasing list of special projects. Keep your eyes open; some of their footage even appears on home TV sets all around the world!

Systems Technician

Brett (yes, ANOTHER one!) has been here at Australia Zoo since 2002. As Systems Technician, he is responsible for the general day-to-day management of the AV team. Not only does he maintain all the equipment in the department, he also gets to work as the 'producer/director' on most of our in-house productions.

Editor / Database Manager

Sam joined the Zoo team in November 2003. Starting in Admissions, she has since moved to the Audio Visual Department. She has the responsibility of refining most of our filming into enjoyable video clips, and does a fantastic job! Sam's favorite animals are the big cats. She would love to make a documentary on wild cats some day.

Cameraman / Assistant Editor

'Simmo' joined the AV team early in 2005. He has studied both design & film and television production. He has previously worked on several small films, music videos and commercials. Simmo can usually be found all around the zoo, and is rarely seen without his camera!

Creative Assistant

Jess (AKA Storm) started working in the web team when it only consisted of one team member, way back in August 2004. In August 2006 Jess moved from the web team to the audio visual department. Jess completed her Bachelor of Arts in Design and Marketing at the University of the Sunshine Coast. She really enjoys gaining skills and experience in film and video within the Australia Zoo team. Although Jess is often found sitting in front of her computer, she really is anything but a computer nerd. She's actually a super tough farm chick! Jess has grown up and worked on ginger farms all her life. On weekends you will usually find Jess working on building up her new business, Deep Blue Earth.


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