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Australia Zoo now has a fleet of six buses, including three double-deckers, a coaster and two single-deckers - one of which is wheelchair accessible. That means our 'bus boys' are kept pretty busy every day of the week collecting our guests from Noosa, Maroochydoore, Alexandra Headlands, Mooloolaba and Caloundra... Phew! What's more, at the end of the day they deliver the same guests home after they've all had a great day at the Zoo. But remember, to catch a ride with these boys you have to book. It's easy! Just call (07) 5436 2000.


Alan's nickname of course is Big Al. He was previously the head of our Safari Shuttle team, and is now looking forward to trying his hand at driving our coaches. Alan is a bit of a character here at the Zoo, and was even awarded a Staff Member of the Month award for his talking ability. Outside of the Zoo, Al loves playing with cars. He also enjoys aircraft, photography and travelling. There is one animal at the Zoo that Big Al has a bit of a soft spot for and that would be Chloe. Chloe is our Sulphur-crested Cockatoo. She loves coming for rides on the shuttle when Al is driving and even gives him plenty of kisses.


Brian has worked in the Bus and Coach division of Australia Zoo for 18 months. He loves meeting people of different nationalities, talking to them and informing them about Steve Irwin and his achievements and, best of all, he loves driving coaches. His hobbies include fishing, fishing, fishing!


David started work at Australia Zoo in December 2004. David along with his wife and three dogs moved from Victoria to enjoy the lifestyle that the Sunshine Coast has to offer. David originally joined the Zoo team as a driver/host for Steve's Safari Shuttle, but has recently shifted to the Bus and Coach team. This has given David a chance to utilise his previous work skills as most of his career has been in coach tour work around Australia. David believes that Australia Zoo is the greatest way to teach people about conservation. When away from work David enjoys relaxing with his family and also enjoys sports including motor sports and AFL.


Ken is one of our drivers but all the staff call him Kenny Koala. He started at Australia Zoo in December 2003. Ken keeps all the staff entertained when he jumps into the host seat. Ken enjoys going for walks, reading and has a big interest in steam engines. His favourite animal here at the Zoo would have to be our tigers. He had the opportunity to do a walk with our beautiful Bengal Tigers.


John, whose nickname is Crosso, has worked at the Zoo for two years. One of the best parts about his job is that he gets to help out with the elephant feeding. Elephants are his favourite animals at the whole Zoo! Outside of work, John enjoys surfing and playing golf.

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