Exotic Mammals (exotische Säugetiere)

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Welcome to the Exotic Mammal Department of Australia Zoo. In the Exotic Mammal Department we take care of non-native mammals. At present we are caring for the feral species in the zoo and will expand to include South-east Asian, African and American species.We are responsible for the daily feeding, cleaning and general care and up keep of the animals and their enclosures. The future will see this department expand over the next few years. We hope to include you in the changes and hope to take you on a journey that offers excitement, education and fun. So please join us on this great adventure and check back often.


Tracey was born in Queensland and came to Australia Zoo in August 2003 as a volunteer and was hired in September 2003. Tracey has a degree from University of Queensland in Wildlife Biology. She has also been a volunteer at the R.S.P.C.A. and has a background in domestic livestock. Tracey is very active in all aspects of showing horses and cattle. When first at the zoo she worked in various departments but was soon assigned to Exotics full time. Her goals are to educate people about animals and the roles zoos are playing in conservation.


Sam came to Australia Zoo at the beginning of 2004 as a volunteer, and after 7 weeks was employed starting in Kids Zoo, Koalas and Native Mammals. She is now working with the Exotic Mammal team. She has a love for all wildlife and horses are her main hobby. Sam loves a challenge and is not afraid of hard work. She is enjoying working with the Exotic Mammals team and is looking forward to learning and growing with the section.


Luke has been working at Australia Zoo since Easter 2003 and in that time has worked in many departments such as Mammals, Kids Zoo, Koalas, Birds and has now found a home in Exotics. Even though all the animals and all other Exotics keepers are female. Luke is managing pretty well. Putting up with the girls, as he would say, can be a hard task at times, coping nicknames such as "lulu" as the other keepers consider him as "one of the girls"... Other than that Luke loves everything about Exotics and it is where he can be found with "his favourite" – DJ, the Dromedary Camel. Luke has formed a special bond with her and he hopes it will just grow stronger as goes for the other animals as well. When Luke is not working at Australia Zoo he spends a lot of time relaxing at the beach, playing guitar, listening to music and just doing what any normal 19 year old does. Luke's life long goal is to not only marry Avril Lavigne one day, but to remain happy and healthy and living at the beach, as he couldn't imagine life away from it. For now, Luke is happy working at Australia Zoo and wouldn't consider being anywhere else. As he would say "Rock on!"


Ever since she was knee high Sally has been passionate about animals. Whether it was her family pets or catching bugs in the garden, she spent all her time growing up playing with animals. Sally has recently completed a science degree majoring in Zoology and Aquaculture in Townsville, North Queensland. To gain some more practical experience working with wildlife, Sally took part in voluntary work with the local wildlife sanctuary in Townsville. During her high school years, she also had the benefit of doing work experience with Melbourne Zoo. Sally started out as a volunteer at Australia Zoo and began work as a keeper in May 2004. After working in the Kids Zoo with the adorable baby animals, Sally is now part of the Exotic Mammals team. Sally holds a strong passion for orangutans, giraffe and rhinos, and as the Zoo expands in the future she'd love to work with these amazing animals. Sally's main aim is to share the awareness and importance of conservation of our beautiful wildlife and their habitats with others, so that many generations to follow have the privilege of being able to enjoy such spectacular creatures.

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